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First Roman DNA Project Update

An email just went out to all the original supporters of the Roman DNA Project, with the latest information on the analysis.

If you were one of the supporters and do not receive this email today, do let me know ( so that I can forward it.

If you were not one of the original supporters but want to get on the email list for the latest updates, you can Donate $5 or more to the Roman DNA Projectand I’ll add you.

By donating, you will be among fewer than 200 people in the world who get access to exclusive information about the Roman DNA Project before it’s publicly available.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at the address above!

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Roman DNA Project is back from the dead!

Welcome back to the re-launch of the Roman DNA Project!  Yes, it’s been almost exactly four years.  Yes, there have been some major bumps in my time-line, but nothing at all unusual for academic research. I appreciate your patience and continued support of my work.

I have sent an email to every supporter who contributed through RocketHub back in 2011.  If you didn’t get it and want to be on the list, please send me an email ( and I’ll add you.  I did have a dozen or so bounced email messages, so yours may be among them.

The email updates are for original donors only, but I will be occasionally posting here to the blog for the general public as the project progresses.

So, in short, expect to hear more from me… well, shortly.  I’m excited to finally get to work on this project and have a slew of amazing collaborators to help out.

And if you missed out the first time on donating to this project, you can contribute here and get exclusive email updates as the project progresses.  Every little bit of research funding helps push forward the field of Roman bioarchaeology.

Donate to the Roman DNA Project

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