Day 2 of the #SciFund Challenge

My project has been posted on RocketHub for just under 48 hours, but already I’m 25% of the way to my financial goal!  I am simply blown away by the outpouring of both financial and moral support from people around the internet.  The project has already been covered by anthro, archaeo, and classics bloggers – Dienekes PontikosShawn Graham, and Rogue Classicism – and even made it to the front page of RocketHub as a featured project.  Plus, I’ve gotten about a dozen emails from people interested in genealogy and DNA, all asking good questions about the project and offering me good advice on other potential people to contact to drum up support.  I hope that I can sustain this level of interest through the remainder of the #SciFund campaign, and then through analysis, interpretation, and publication.

At the end of the campaign, this blog will become password protected so that my supporters can access news and developments.  If you want to get updates, please consider donating to the project – just $10 gets your name on the donors page and access to blog and Twitter feeds.

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