Romans, DNA, and the Weinersmiths

Kelly Weinersmith, who’s running her own #SciFund Challenge project over on RocketHub on zombie fish, invited me to come on the Weekly Weinersmith podcast that she puts out with her husband, Zach (of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal fame).  I enthusiastically accepted and talked to Zach and Kelly for the better part of an hour about the skeletons of ancient Romans.

Click here to go to the podcast!  (Or, you can subscribe via iTunes.)

Feel free to use the comments to start a discussion, give me pointers about interviewing, or ask questions!


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2 responses to “Romans, DNA, and the Weinersmiths

  1. Itai Perez

    Great interview ! Especially we learn that with the additional money, you plan to test more samples, including some from republican times (but no Y-DNA for the moment)…

  2. I enjoyed rreading this

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